Born in the enchanting colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, nestled high in the central-mountains of northern Mexico, Jessica Patterson grew up steeped in the region´s vivid colors and textures and its rich artistic heritage. In addition, she received direct inspiration from her father, a U.S. born archeologist who later took up painting and sculpture, as well as from her mother, a Mexico-born who contributed to Jessica´s vision of a harmonious multicultural world and to her vibrant appreciation of the arts.

"Trigo" is the Spanish word for wheat. Like a crop of carefully cultivated wheat, this small company has emerged from its native soil after much deep imagining, tilling of the earth, and tending of seedlings. Jessica´s hope for Trigo is that it will bear fruit in the form of exquisite pieces that take inspiration from their local heritage, but also transcend current styles and individual cultures, beautiful pieces for the ages. Founded in 2008, Trigo´s collections are sold in fine boutiques and jewelry stores throughout Mexico and across the United States.

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